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Palm Reading

Through the reading of the lines that grace your palm, your love line, success line and life line will be revealed to you. This is a personality and character reading. Most basic and general reading.


Tarot Cards

Through each flip of the tarot cards, another piece of your life will be revealed with better understanding and clarity. The tarot cards are mainly focused on relationships, family, finances, career & business. This reading reads into the past, present and future.


Full Life Reading

A full life reading is a combination of the tarot card reading and energy/psychic reading. This is the most detailed and informational reading regarding all aspects of life. This is a specialized reading mainly focused on problem solving and solution finding.



Specific Reading

Most Details For Relationships! This reading channels through your partners heart and mind to reveal what he/she is really thinking and feeling for you. This reading answers all relationship questions. Also reads the energy and connection strength, and the outcome of the relationship.


Spiritual Cleansing

• Clears Negative Energy • Opens Relationship Path • Resolves Spiritual Issues

• Blocks Negative Influences • Cleanses The Soul & Spirit

• Clears, Opens & Balances Chakra Energy

Chakra & Aura Healing

The Aura Is A Multi-Layer Atmosphere Of Colored Light Surrounding The Spiritual Body Created By The Chakas, Or Energy Centers, Of The Spiritual Body That Live In The Spirit. Auras Are Seen As Halos Around The Head, Extending To The Upper Quadrant Of The Body. A Chakra Is An Energy Center Within The Soul, Which Starts At The Top Of The Head And Extends Through The Spine. Chakras Collect Energy From Your Surroundings And Disperse This Energy Throughout Your Life Path. Auras Reflect Mood, Personality Traits, Emotions, Spiritual Abilities, & General Well Being. Auras Also Change With Moods And Emotional States. A Healthy Aura And Aligned Chakras Are Essential For Balance And Harmony In All Aspects Of Life. A Person With An Unbalanced Energy May Feel Depressed, Hopeless, Lost, Confused & May Also Be Having Problems When It Comes To Love, Relationships, Family, Success, Friends, Career & Business.

Karma Cleansing

Elizabeth Is Avaliable For Private and Public Events In Fresno Area

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