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Psychic Elizabeth


Palm Reading

Is a reading that focuses on your lines and impressions on your palms. These lines will indicate what type of person you are personally and spiritually. Tells you what qualities you have that make you unique.



Tarot Card Reading

Through each tarot card dealt, another piece of your life will be revealed with better understanding and clarity. The tarot cards are mainly focused on relationships, family, finances, career & business. This reading reads into the past, present and future.



Full Life Reading

A direct energy reading utilizing Elizabeths intuitive ability, a quartz crystal to channel energy and tarot cards as a guide. This is the most informational and detailed reading. Problem solving & solution finding.



Medium Reading

Contacting a loved one whom has passed over.



People visit Elizabeth for guidance, answers and solutions when they may be feeling lost, confused, uncertain of themselves, their surroundings or are struggling with love, family, marriage, business or spiritual problems. Through just one reading, Elizabeth will be able to reveal the door that holds clarity, closure, answers, solutions and healing.

Relationship Reading

This readings channels through your partners heart and mind to reveal what he/she is really thinking and feeling for you. (Has there been a sudden change? Have you been through a break up and want to see if you will be together again?) This reading answers all relationship questions. Also reads the energy and connection strength, and the outcome of the relationship. Full name and date of birth, or photo is required at the time of the reading.


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