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Psychic Elizabeth

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Elizabeth comes from a lineage of professional psychics, mediums and healers. As a young child, she always knew she was different. She had feelings and natural knowings of things people around her were going through. Her family recognized the gift in her and Elizabeth began training under her grandmother at 9 years of age. Elizabeth is the only one amongst her siblings to inherent the gift.


She has owned her practice and has been successfully helping people for over 12 years. She is confident in her ability and can help you whether you’re seeking simple answers or more in-depth spiritual healing.

"It’s my life purpose to help guide and heal those around me, so they might be able to find their truest calling and path. For many years, people have come to me, clouded by difficulties and uncertainty, unable to find solutions or answers. time and time again, i’ve been able to work with them to find their way back to the hope and happiness they’ve lost, and to chart out on a new direction full of hope and promise." - Elizabeth

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